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Machine Safety Solutions

Safe-T-Sense is a machine safety services company that assists machine users in lowering the risks on their automated machines by meeting the safety requirements of the ANSI/ISO standards and OSHA regulations. Machine Safety standards continuously change; Safe-T-Sense can assist you in lowering the risks on your machine and meet the safety requirements of the standards. We are members and activate participant in ANSI sub-committees.

In order to serve our customers better, Safe-T-Sense has the following divisions:

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      1. Machine Risk Assessment Reports:


        Our Machine safety specialists will visit your plant to identify the tasks and hazardous points on your machines. We then recommend solutions for each identified hazard that stems from an ANSI/ISO Standard or OSHA regulation. A detailed report is provided that states all the dangerous points of the machine, the ANSI/ISO based solutions, the recommends wiring for the safety controls and the risk associated with your machine.
        To View a Sample Risk Assessment, Contact Us

      2. Machine Safety Integration:

        Our safety engineer’s expertise can be placed in your hands. We have the capability to take your existing machine schematics and redesign them to meet the required standards from a safety controls and mechanical perspective.


        Following the engineering phase Safe-T-Sense will provide you with the safeguarding solutions and install them. Our integration phase is a key phase to lowering the risks associated with your hazardous machines.

      3. Machines Safety Verification, Validation and Training:

        After the safeguarding solutions are provided Safe-T-Sense will then verify and validate that the safeguarding measures that were implements on your machines are operating to the proper reliability as designed in the engineering phase. Once they are verified the operators are then trained on the proper use of the new safeguarding measures.

These three Steps are the right steps to a successful machines safety implementations. The Machine risk assessment report and Training are the first safety steps to take for companies striving to maintain a safe workplace for the their employees and want to limit their exposure to OSHA fine.

Safe-T-Sense Understands how demanding it can be for end users to keep up with the standards. Safe-T-Sense has the knowledge, expertise and resources to assist you in completing your next machine guarding project in a reliable and timely approach.

Our Classes

  • ANSI B11.0-2010: Safety of Machinery; General requirements and Risk Assessment
  • ANSI B11.19-2010: Performance requirements for Safeguarding
  • B11.TR6-2010: Safety Control Systems for Machine Tools
  • ISO 13849-1:2006: Safety of Machinery – Safety related parts of the Control Systems – Part 1: General Principles for Design
  • ISO 13849-2:2012 : Safety of Machinery – safety related parts of the control systems – Part 2: Validation
  • SISTEMA Software training