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Risk Assessment

Inspector checking workers at factory.

Injuries stemming from machine related hazards are unfortunately very common in the United States. OSHA is our governing body in the USA and according to the ACT of 1970, under the general duty clause, Section 5 a) each employer is required to furnish his employees a safe workplace environment free of hazards. This is where machine risk assessment comes into place, the first thing that is needed to be done on any machine before adding guards, is identifying the tasks and hazards on the machine and documenting it.

According to OSHA’s 2012 survey of citations:

  • Machine guarding was the 9th most cited standard in the USA.
  • Machine guarding was the standard with the 4th highest penalties in the USA.

Safe-T-Sense’s expertise in machine risk assessment is key and has been used by both Fortune 500 companies and small companies to assist them in identifying the risks on their machines and recommending ANSI and OSHA approved solutions to reduce and eliminate the Risks on machines. Safe-T-Sense’s process starts by surveying the machines operation, taking a look at the existing customer’s electrical schematics and talking to the operators on how they do their tasks. Based on all three key elements a document is generated that gives the user a detail understanding on the:

  • Tasks related to the machine
  • Hazards related to the machine
  • The machine safety control system
  • The Risk Score of the machine based on how it currently stands.
  • Recommended ANSI and OSHA solutions to reduce the Risk Score to an acceptable level.
  • And the Risk Score of the machine after the safeguarding solutions are implemented.
  • Along with the Risk Assessment report a list of machine’s existing Risk Score is given to assist the user in putting a plan of action to target the machines with the highest risk score first.

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